Declaration of the Servants of Life

In the presence of God and men, I as a Defender of Life, declare that every member of the human species is to be respected as a person independently of age or infirmity. I declare that the human person continues his or her life, whether from fertilization, twinning, IVF, cloning or any other origin of human life, until true death and the definitive separation of the human soul from the body. I further declare that the unborn human being may not be donated, sold, denied the right to progressive development, whether inside or outside his or her mother’s womb or subjected to any kind of exploitation. No authority, not even the father or the mother, may take the life of the unborn.

As a Defender of Life I will never perform personally, nor will I refer for carrying out by a colleague, actions such as contraception, sterilization, IVF, or artificial insemination, nor will I engage in destructive research on the unborn human being from the first moment of its existence in fertilization, nor will I perform procured abortion or euthanasia, nor defend these and other anti-life acts and practices in theory.

I declare, furthermore, that the sources of human life must be protected. The human genome, which is the patrimony of all humanity, may not be the object of ideological speculation, experimentation, commerce, or patenting, nor be the object of any other activity that contradicts the dignity of the human person and its sacred value, derived from its profound link to the human life of persons. Wishing to perpetuate the Hippocratic tradition and conforming my practice to the eternal moral law, I reject all deliberate damage to the genome, all exploitation of gametes, and all manipulations of the human genome contrary to human nature and dignity.

I pledge to serve, according to my profession and calling in life, in theory or in practice, the relief of suffering, the curing of illness the safeguarding of health, the correction of hereditary defects and/or education to that effect. Service to all of these good goals and to the fight against anti-life and anti-family evils is the purpose of my thought and of my work as a member of the John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family, with constant respect for the dignity and sacredness of each human person.

As a servant of human life and the family, I also vow to reject in theory and in practice, all actions and theories that are untrue to the objective nature of human marriage as a lifelong community of life and love of one man and one woman, sanctioned by God, and always open to conception and filled with the deep awareness of the great gift that is each child. I also vow to defend the God-given sexuality of each girl and boy, woman and man, and to do all possible to prevent their mutilation in attempts to change their sex.

I also vow to support any effort to help parents to freely exercise their right to educate their children, on condition that they do not gravely abuse this right; to have their rights as primary educators of their children respected; and to serve in freedom not only the physical but also the intellectual and spiritual life of their children.

I also vow to support, according to my profession and mission in life, in theory and practice, the proper aid to parents in order to live their parental mission and to oppose any actions of states, schools, or local communities to obstruct the fundamental good of parental rights.