Currently there is an unresolved debate among faithful Catholics as to whether or not it is *intrinsically evil* for a child to be born from the womb of a woman who is not his mother. If it is, then embryo adoption is never acceptable. Surrogate motherhood is always evil, that is, a woman carrying a child that is not her own in order to give the child to others who will adopt the child. If embryo adoption is morally legitimate, therefore, it could only be in circumstances in which the woman who carries the embryo also becomes the adoptive mother of the child. A danger of widespread embryo adoption could include an implicit acceptance of in vitro fertilization (which is morally wrong), or the industry that “creates” embryos outside of the womb of the mother, or surrogate motherhood, or other similar moral evils. Therefore, even if morally licit, embryo adoption could remain inadvisable because of the scandal it could cause.