In a homily given on Christmas Eve, Bishop Mtumbuka responded to Fiducia Supplicans. Here are a few key quotes from his impactful homily:

“Our major concern with this declaration is that it looks to us like a heresy, it reads like a heresy and it affects heresy, because is asks us to bless two people of same sex, as individuals, but not as a couple, who the previous night sleep together like a couple, presented themselves to us as a couple, are blessed as individuals, but they leave our presence as a couple, they go to their home as a couple, they sleep in the same bed as a couple. But the document says they are not blessed as a couple, although they appear to have been blessed as couple. How could this not be changing the authentic teaching of the Church.”

“It’s sad; the Catholic Church is old, as old as Christianity itself; this has never happened before. But we have no choice; we cannot allow such an offensive and apparently blasphemous declaration to be implemented in our Dioceses.”

“We are being told and encouraged to allow our doctrine of the faith to change alongside ideological changes taking place in the world, social and political changes taking place in the world, so that the faith might be modern, so that the church might be modern. In other words, we are told that in fulfilling our responsibility as successors of the Apostles, leading people to God, we should be fashionable.”

“Our response is clear: Please, keep your lies for yourself. You must judge for yourself, whether it is right in the sight of God, to listen to such advice, ill advice, and to obey you rather than God.”